Avanti Leathers Limited
Being an environmental friendly company, Avanti has an excellent track record in keeping the environment pollution free. An effluent treatment plant costing over Rs 10 millions was constructed even before the tannery commenced operations. It is one of the very few tanneries in the country, which utilizes Chrome recovery processes. This not only saves the company lot of money but also reduces the hazards of Chromium salts effluents. The Company's initiatives in rationalization of effluent treatment operations to streamline with the contemporary technology results in upgradation of the effluent treatment equipment under the guidance of reputed Institutes like Central Leather Research Institute.
In the efforts to use the treated effluents big plantations involving the growing of Eucalyptus, Coconut trees, Teak wood, Mango etc., have been started in the campus. This has given rise to good relationships with the surrounding villages.
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